St. Martin's Parish Staff

Fr. Brian Christopher, SJ


Local School Manager

Debbie Ordonez

Business Manager

Swift Hall Operations

Celia Usher

Assistant Local Manager,

St. Martin's Primary School

Tina Cuellar

Director, Project HEAL

Rhonda Sedacy

Director, Day Care Centre

Karen Garbutt

Manger, Nutrition Program

St. Martin's Primary School

Patrick Gomez


Basketball & Football Coach

Fr. Jeremy Zipple, SJ

Associate Pastor

Angie Moguel

Administrative Assistant


Daphne Benguche


Parish Outreach

Esidoro Vasquez

Head of Maintenance

Philip Menzies

Maintenance and Operations,

Swift Hall

Kimara Garbutt

Nutrition Program

St. Martin's Primary School

Jasmine Sanchez


St. Martin de Porres Parish

Corner of Partridge and Vernon Streets

P.O. Box 489

Belize City, Belize

Central America

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