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St. Martin's Food Assistance Program Serves Those in Greatest Need

The COVID pandemic not only poses a health risk to our local families, but an economic risk, as well. With so many struggling, St. Martin's preaches the Gospel in deeds, not just words.

Tens of thousands of Belizeans have been laid off or fired as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many local families already struggle with food insecurity. The latest economic downturn has put many households over the edge.

In response, St. Martin de Porres parish has partnered with local grocery stores to provide $50 food vouchers to nearly 200 households on a weekly basis. "I remember how Joel Osteen closed his church up when the hurricane hit Houston," recalls Fr. Brian Christopher, S.J., "That is exactly what we wanted to avoid."

The Gospel must be preached, not just with words, but with actions. What could be better news for struggling families than the ability to feed their children?

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