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Caribbean Youth Survey

The Jesuits working in nine different Caribbean nations are collaborating on a survey for youth, ages 16-30, to understand better their hopes and dreams for the future.

This initiative is being spearheaded by La Conferéncia de los Provinciales en America Latina y El Caribe (CPAL), which is an organization of the Jesuit provinces of Latin America and the Caribbean, and conducted by the University Research Institute Ortega y Gasset (Madrid). The Jesuits of Belize have been invited to be a part of the survey process.

The goal is to solicit feedback from 800 young people of different ethnic backgrounds, different religious traditions, living in different parts of the country. When compared with the feedback from the other countries, the hope is that we will have a clearer understanding of the unique challenges faced by youth and young adults today, as well as their unique contributions.

The data gathered from this survey will be analyzed, published, and disseminated free of charge to all who are interested: governments, churches, educational institutions, etc. The hope is that the insights it generates will help us all to serve our young people better.

To take the survey, please click here.

And please feel free to encourage any young people you might know to do the same!

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